Las Casas Verdes

Las Casas Verdes (Green Homes) is Austin’s first 100% solar-powered neighborhood. It’s located in South Austin off Westgate Blvd and has been developed from the ground up to be environmentally responsible.  In addition to the solar panels, there are many interesting design features to save energy; earning a coveted Five-Plus Star rating from the Federal Energy Star Program.

Standard features used throughout the designs include a 3KW Solar Photovoltaic System for the generation of electricity and solar thermal panels for hot water. Other naturally green features such as porches, shade trees with other landscaping design, overhangs, heat chimneys, operable awnings, window placement and high ceilings will all work together with the natural breezes to cool and refresh the home.

After much struggle getting through bureaucratic red tape, the project developer, David Martin, has made major inroads into using rainwater collection within Austin city limits. Green-built homes in Las Casas Verdes are the first homes allowed to use only rainwater to flush the low-water use commodes and also use rainwater to water the landscape. Martin was able to relieve the city’s concerns about rainwater backflowing into the city’s water supply. The 2000-gallon rainwater collection system will take in water from galvalume gutters and down spouts which will provide the pressurized water for use in the toilets and outdoor hose bibs.

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