Blue Curls

Blue Curls is one of my favorite Texas native plants. So exotic looking! So mysterious! I bought some years ago and have it growing in my yard at home. It blooms in the Spring around March, April and May. It will reseed itself. These photos are of Blue Curls growing in the wild in Central Texas. Other names for Blue Curls are Fiddleneck or Caterpillars because of the way the blooms are curled up like a fern frond. The fronds then uncurl somewhat to reveal a beautiful bloom. Trichostema dichotomum is the latin name for this plant. You won’t find this lovely plant at the Big Box stores. You will need to shop at local Native Plant nurseries or buy the seeds from Native American Seed. I love to live the green life including organicly gardening with native plants that help wildlife. Call, text or e-mail me for help finding a home with organic gardens, native plants and a water conserving landscape. I am well versed in helping buy or sell organic type homes!

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