Cowpen Daisy

[smartslider3 slider=21] Cowpen Daisy or Golden Crownbeard is a Texas Native plant that does well in Central Texas. Verbesina enceloides is the more formal, Latin name. I bought my Cowpen Daisy at Wright’s Nursery in Briggs Texas but they should be available at nurseries who carry native plants. Native American Seed also carries seeds for Cowpen Daisy. The Big Box stores do not carry this annual plant that is a larval food plant for butterflies. Cowpen Daisy was also used medicinally by Native Americans. I am writing this series of pages on Native Texas plants because I care about wildlife and pollinators. I am a Native Texan, Texas Master Naturalist and member of the Native Plant Society of Texas. Call, Text or e-mail Betty Saenz Eco REALTOR to buy a home with native plants or sell yours!