Best plants for Central Texas Heat and Full Sun – aka Hell on Earth



Yellow Bells– Esperanza: Be sure and get the actual native Texas variety of this plant Tecoma stans or better yet Tecoma stans var. angustata. Yes, it is great for pollinators. It will freeze back in the winter so you can cut it down to live wood in Spring. This one small maintenance act is a very, vey small price to pay for the years of happy summers with this beauty! Click here for more info!



Black foot daisy: Melampodium leucanthum It can be 110 or even 112 degrees and this beautiful, mounding, white flowered plant says “Bring it on!” Click here for more info!



Mountain Pinks: One of my very favorite plants. She is a mighty fortress of heat resistance and toleration.

She prefers the worst possible soil AND the highest temps! Caliche, rocks, the side of a cliff! Give her the HEAT and SUN! Toughness personified! Some trucks say Texas Tough. No, she is!!! Yet she is the absolute sweetest lil’ bouquet of pink flowers you’ve ever seen! Summer color! Guaranteed to cheer you up! Click here for more info!

Buy Mountain Pinks seeds HERE Plant them in the fall in terrible soil! Caliche!



Red Yucca: The hummingbirds just love to visit mine. I watch them drink her nectar as I type away at my home office computer desk. It is really in the Century-Plant family! Can grow in the clay soils of Central Texas East of IH 35. Click here for more info!




Dessert Willow: Tough small blooming tree grows to be about 15 to 40 feet tall. I love them and have one in my front yard! Click here for more info!

Texas Mountain Laurel : You will love this evergreen tree in the spring when it puts out the showiest, grape Kool Aid smelling exotic flowers! So beautiful! Highly deer resistant! Sophora secundiflora Click here for more info!

Ornamental Grasses

Cup Grass: This is an ornamental grass that provides seeds for the exquisitely beautiful Native Texas Painted Bunting! Click here for more info!

The Wildflower Center says this is highly deer resistant. Click here for more info!


There are more but these are some of my favorite Texas Native Plants that can take the dessert like conditions of my front yard.

Texas Native Plants are not fussy, high maintenance. Texas Native Plants help the environment in so many ways. Attend or Join a Native Plant Society near you today! Learn a LOT! Landscaping Classes too!

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More Resources: The Native Plant Society of Texas

Painted Bunting singing Click here to watch! … OK- yes, I know, I am obsessed with this beautiful Texas bird!