Here is my Esperanza growing in my Central Texas yard. This plant can take the Summer heat. Once established, it does not need much water at all during the Summer. Also called Yellow Bells, the Latin name is Tecoma stans. This perennial plant gets 3-6 feet high and blooms profusely all Summer long. Native plants do not need much care or bed preparation to thrive. I have mine in full sun and just love it! It went through the Polar Vortex Winter Storm Uri in February of 2021 and continues to thrive. It loses its leaves in winter and if it freezes, you may need to cut back the woody growth in the Spring. Yellow Bells provides food for wildlife. Call, text or e-mail Betty Saenz, Native Texas REALTOR for all your Central Texas Real Estate needs. I am a Native Texan, organic gardener and Native plant aficionado. My yard is a twice certified Wildlife Habitat.