Why have native plants?

So you can have friends like these!

Texas is losing habitat very, very quickly!

We all know about the homeless pet population. What about homeless wildlife? Their homes are being scraped away every day. How would you feel if you were asleep in bed one night and a bulldozer came and scraped your and your kids and your home and yard into a pile that was loaded in a dump truck and taken to the landfill? That happens everyday with wildlife. We can each make a difference by restoring our yards to what Texas once was and providing nesting places and homes for wildlife. Going a step further, why not contact your City Council, Mayor and Legislators and implore them to save habitat. There are ways to build homes and commercial buildings that works with wildlife and not against these innocent creatures. 

Before you get out your organic bug spray please research all of our Texas pollinators. For example the amazing White-lined sphinx moths will forage on a wide variety of flowers. Their long tongues make them well-adapted to sip nectar from long-necked flowers, and they are common visitors of night-blooming flowers. They are wonderful pollinators to have in your backyard along with many other types of pollinating insects!

My yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation but also through Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas Backyard Habitat Certification. It is super easy and so gratifying! I meet so many Native Texans!!! They are neon, metallic green; super bright orange; striped, multi-color and many other colors, shapes and sizes! I love it! So friendly and so fun to have visit!
Unfortunately the Wildscapes program is not open right now. I got mine in right before it shut down. Never the less there are many great tips on this page – https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/wildlife_diversity/wildscapes/