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Interview with Central Texas Gardener

PBS TV show Central Texas Gardener took photos and video of my Central Texas yard and interviewed me. I have been working on my landscape and hardscape since 2005 when we bought our home. My yard is a twice certified Wildlife Habitat. I garden organicly. I do not use herbicides or pesticides in my yard.

Why have native plants?

So you can have friends like these! Texas is losing habitat very, very quickly! We all know about the homeless pet population. What about homeless wildlife? Their homes are being scraped away every day. How would you feel if you were asleep in bed one night and a bulldozer came and scraped your and your kids and

Wicking Bed

I just installed this wicking bed in my own yard. If you are not familiar with wicking beds they water plants from below rather than above. They’re basically containers with water at the base and they act like a giant self-watering pot. The moisture is drawn up through the soil via a process called capillary

Home Diagnosis Solves Energy & Air Quality Challenges

Home Diagnosis is a new science-based TV series coming to your local PBS station in 2019! Home Performance Experts Grace and Corbett Lunsford produced this show to demonstrate the ability of building science to improve the quality of our lives. Green homes and even the typical residential home can benefit greatly from regular reviews of energy,

News on the Garey Ranch Property

Garey Ranch Tuscan Villa

The Good Water Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists is having its first chapter meeting for 2017 this Thursday, January 12th. The presentation and discussion will be regarding the Garey Ranch gift to Georgetown and how it will be developed.  This ranch is a 525 acre property located on Highway 2243 just east of Ronald Reagan Blvd.

Presentation on “Invasives in Texas”

Presented by: Dr. Hans Landel Join the Texas Master Naturalists Good Water Chapter meeting on Thursday, January 26, 2017, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Free of charge and open to the general public. Dr. Hans Landel has conducted over ten years of field research, including studies of endangered wildlife species. He has worked with the