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Interview with Central Texas Gardener

PBS TV show Central Texas Gardener took photos and video of my Central Texas yard and interviewed me. I have been working on my landscape and hardscape since 2005 when we bought our home. My yard is a twice certified Wildlife Habitat. I garden organicly. I do not use herbicides or pesticides in my yard.

Texas Water: Now and Then

          This is the water storage unit from the Fredericksburg Texas Pioneer Museum. Click HERE to visit their website! While this specific example is outdated, this is a great example of how historic building concepts set the precedent for green water collection systems that we now use! Below is a more

American Beautyberry

[smartslider3 slider=16]   American Beautyberry is a Texas Native plant that I love. I have several in my yard but the one that is doing the very best is on the east side of my house. This is an understory plant you see along forest edges, near creeks and wet areas. It does love some

False Purple Thistle

Eryngium leavenworthii : Also called Leavenworth’s Eryngo, Eryngo, False Purple Thistle [smartslider3 slider=15] This one is my icon on Naturalist. I love them, like little purple pineapples. They are very prickly but very drought tolerant. There used to be tons of them where the new St. David’s Emergency Room is in Leander. They wiped out

Native Texas Milkweeds

Milkweed – when aphids are a good thing!  [smartslider3 slider=13] Here are some other native Texas milkweeds: Asclepias incarnata – also called Swamp Milkweed   I have mentioned this in my blog before, but just bought another to put in the pond in a pot next to the Buttonbush. This one has beautiful pink blooms

Vegan Vegetarian Food in Austin

The Austin Texas area is a great place to live if you like a healthy lifestyle! There is plenty of nature to enjoy as well as restaurants and markets that carry Vegan and Vegetarian options. One of my long time favorites : Casa de Luz 1701 Toomey Rd Austin, TX 78704 (512) 476-2535 This is