Artichoke Plant in My Organic Front Yard Gardens
Artichoke Plant in My Organic Front Yard Gardens

I am so happy that one of my artichoke plants is now budding out.  In the artichoke world this means “bearing fruit”, or “putting on artichokes”.  I am so excited since this is a long awaited event.  I have had the plants a couple of years and this is the first time I have grown them.  I am surprised they are not more popular here in Texas.  A Native Texan, and organic gardener, I have not seen them much here.  The Leander nursery and greenhouse where I bought them has since closed.  The Natural Gardener  had some growing in their garden last time I was there.

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  1. Yes, I LOVE artichokes! But I will probably let these bloom. They are beautiful when allowed to turn into blooms.

  2. In the spring of 2008 JJ and I went to Austin Texas we went on a garden tour while there. We saw our first Artichoke plant ever in a garden. We found seeds and planted. Two plants grew in pots in our Florida garden they grew quite large over the winter and in the spring we took them north to the New York Adirondacks and planted them in our garden.Just more lovely leaves . In the fall we repotted them. Took them back to Florida and grew them again for the winter which was a cold one (2009). In May of this year(2010) we brought them north again and planted the one we took in the veggie garden. It sent up 8 Artichokes by mid summer. We were delighted. One Artichoke that got too big I cut and decided to dry for a flower arrangement and SURPRise I bloomed tho’ out of water. A most gorgeous flower. We are now about to return to Florida ansd have potted the Artichoke for the trip. I wonder how many years it will continue to grow???

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