Austin’s Healthy Economy

Capital croppedAustin, Texas is Poised for a Fast Economic Recovery according to Forbes-

The Austin, Texas, Round Rock, Texas Metro Area is ranked number 3 in a Forbes Real Estate list of America’s Fastest Recovering Cities. San Antonio, TX was number 2, the Dallas-Fort Worth, Arlington, TX Metro Area was number 6; Houston, Sugar Land, Baytown, TX Metro Area was number 8 on the list. The November 19, 2009 article entitled “America’s Fastest-Recovering Cities” by Francesca Levy stated that no area completely escaped the recession but these areas have “diversified industry and relatively stable housing” which provides residents with “comparatively secure standards of living”. The article went on to quote from Texas A & M University Real Estate Center’s research economist James P. Gaines that Texas did not have a housing boom or bubble as much as other areas of our country did so therefore we are not experiencing a big bust. I am thankful to be in Texas and in the Austin, Texas, Round Rock, Texas area. My forefathers settled here when Texas was a Republic. It is sad to look at pictures of what is happening in say, Detroit where whole neighborhoods are simply returning to nature, houses completely covered with vines and vegetation as they slowly rot back into the Earth.

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