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U.S. Green Building Council Class Thursday in Austin

The Central Texas Balcones Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council is having a Lunch N Learn Thursday April 8, 2010 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm on sustainable solutions for sites including soil stewardship, habitat protection and stormwater management.

5 Green Construction Methods That You Can Adopt

There are five green construction methods that you can easily adopt include buy locally, use energy efficient appliances and devices, use recycled and recyclable materials, make your home eco-friendly and then maintain what you’ve built so you don’t have to use more resources to replace what you built.

Urban Beekeeping in Austin Texas

Now, honey bees are in trouble. They need your help more than ever. Without honeybees pollinating US agricultural crops our food supply will be in trouble. “Colony collapse disorder” has decimated entire populations of honeybees. Thankfully some people are concerned enough to educate the public and help the bees.

Birding Around Austin Texas: the Williamson County TX Audubon Group

If you live in the northern part of Austin, Texas or even elsewhere, the Williamson County Texas Audubon Group (WAG) is a great organization to further your interests in nature and or birds. I just retuned from a Williamson Audubon Group meeting at the New Church on County Road 245 in Georgetown, Texas. A large crowd, including myself, were entertained by guest speaker and local, award winning wildlife photographer Greg Lasley. Mr. Lasley said he has had his photos published in over 100 books and magazines which include American Birds, Texas Highways Magazine, Wildlife Conservation and many more. His book, Texas Wildlife Portraits was available for purchase and signing.

Austin Texas’ Green Garden Program

My yard meets the criteria for Austin’s Award Winning Green Garden Program yet I am not a City of Austin water customer so I can’t share my yard in that venue. The City of Leander gets the water from the same place, Lake Travis but we buy it from Leander, not Austin. Part of being a Texas Organic Home is to have a green yard. By green I do not mean a huge, water hungry synthetic yard but a water conserving, sensible and beautiful yard that is safe for humans, pets and wildlife due to lack of synthetic chemicals.

Austin Green Holiday Social

The Second Annual Austin Green Holiday Social is being held Tuesday, December 15th, 2009, 6:00 -10:00 pm at the beautiful and organic Barr Mansion. The event is co-hosted by Net Impact Austin, Public Citizen, Design-Build-Live, the Austin Eco-Network, Eco Series, Texas Green Network and the Sierra Club.