Holistic & Non-Traditional Pet Treatment in Austin

If you are looking for a veterinarian for your pet(s) who adds non-traditional medicine such as acupuncture and holistic medicine to his repertoire of traditional medical skills, you might try Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital on Bee Caves in Austin, Texas.  Dr. Vandermause provides standard exams for dogs and cats but also offers a holistic approach looking at the “whole” animal including all factors involved.  He offers holistic treatment such as diet changes, antioxidants, acupuncture, herbs, nutraceuticals, homeopathy and other treatments or lifestyle changes.  He has recipes on his website VanderVet.com for Natural Raw Food Diet (NRFD) for your pets.

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  1. Acupuncture helps me in my allergies. I have hay fever ever since i was a kid.-.:

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