The GREEN Car for Your Texas Organic Home

It’s time to shop for a “green car” to go with my “green lifestyle”.

Toyota PriusHaving been clobbered in Austin by a charging car recently, I am having to car shop.  My 4 cylinder Camry was totalled.  I am now looking to purchas a hybrid aka “green” car.

High miles per gallon is important to me.  As a REATOR I put a lot of miles on my car compared to the average consumer.  Through my Twitter page I found a great California based green car Twitter user site Clean Car Talk for information on hybrid, electric, plug-in and clean diesel cleaner driving choices.

Other websites that I  am enjoying are The Green Motorist site as well the the United States Government fuel economy site.

2 Replies to “The GREEN Car for Your Texas Organic Home”

  1. I did find a great Prius at an Austin, Texas dealership. I am very happy with my purchase. Slightly smaller than my Camry but worth it for the phenomenal fuel economy.

  2. Sorry you had to be involved in a wreck to get the Prius. Sometimes you just have to find something good out of the bad.I’m sure you will really enjoy the car.

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