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Texas Water: Now and Then

           This is the water storage unit from the Fredericksburg Texas Pioneer Museum. Click HERE to visit their website! While this specific example is outdated, this is a great example of how historic building concepts set the precedent for green water collection systems that we now use! Below is a more […] Continue reading →

False Purple Thistle

 Eryngium leavenworthii : Also called Leavenworth’s Eryngo, Eryngo, False Purple Thistle This one is my icon on Naturalist. I love them, like little purple pineapples. They are very prickly but very drought tolerant. There used to be tons of them where the new St. David’s Emergency Room is in Leander. They wiped out a big […] Continue reading →

Native Texas Milkweeds

 Milkweed – when aphids are a good thing!   Here are some other native Texas milkweeds: Asclepias incarnata – also called Swamp Milkweed   I have mentioned this in my blog before, but just bought another to put in the pond in a pot next to the Buttonbush. This one has beautiful pink blooms Asclepias […] Continue reading →

EcoTourism in Central Texas and Beyond

 Ecotourism is a booming industry in Texas. During this hot time of the year, it’s challenging to stay cool while outdoors. Many Central Texas go swimming and more. Living in the Austin Texas area, I carry on the tradition of heading to the coast for vacations. My grandparents, Oscar and Betty Sandstrom went to Rockport Texas […] Continue reading →