Ecotourism at Big Bend

I just got back from a long trail ride at Big Bend on October 17, 2021. I truly appreciated the respect for wildlife and nature that I saw in the community at Big Bend.

On the trail ride near the tent camping at Big Bend National Park there were these heavy metal bins located in various place. After closer inspection, I discovered that these bins are provided for your storage of food, cooking equipment and scented items to place in these boxes to protect campers from the bears.

This great book is available at Big Bend National Park. I have this in my library. I am a Texas Master Naturalize and member of the Texas Native Plant Society.

On my trip to Big Bend, I stayed at a wonderful historic hotel in Marfa, TX called The Pasiano, During my stay, I dined on delicious Vegan enchiladas and tacos at the Paisano, Marfa TX.