The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco TX Has A Nursing Pod

I went to The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco TX with my daughters and grandchildren. I was so surprised and pleased to see The Cameron

Zoo’s support of nursing mothers. A Mommy Nursing Pod has been added to their zoo facility last October 2020.

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Nursing moms now have a place to feed their babies while visiting Cameron Park Zoo in Waco.

On Thursday, the zoo unveiled a nursing pod. The pod has three private rooms where mothers can breast feed their children or use a breast pump. Kristi Webb, membership and rentals manager for the zoo, saw the idea about six years ago at a conference.

A few years later, when Webb had her first child, she found she didn’t have a private place to pump, and so she brought up the idea of bringing a pod to the zoo.

The zoo partnered with Ascension Providence to be able to bring in the pod.


“This is a family environment,” Brian Becker, chief medical officer and chief operating officer of Ascension Providence, said. “Moms are oftentimes here with their children, and there was no great place to stop, breast feed, breast pump, so those moms would oftentimes have to leave the zoo in order to accomplish that.”

Webb said she hopes the new pod will be a great resource for moms and their families who are coming to visit the zoo.

“They can know that there’s a safe, private space for them to utilize while they’re here,” Webb said. They won’t have to cut their trip short or have to go out to their vehicle and come back in when they’re finished.”

The pods are located in the meadows area near the restrooms. The zoo is open every day, and tickets can be purchased online.

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