Commuter Bus from Austin to San Antonio

I learned about the commuter bus from Austin to San Antonio on the web site Blogs from a biking blogger upset about public transportation. Tired of waiting for a commuter rail to get from Austin to San Antonio or vice versa, this blogger uses the commuter bus service.  The Austin-San Antonio commuter rail line has been under discussion for many years.  Expected to begin March 30th, 2009, Austin’s Leander to Austin commuter rail is not in operation for the public yet either.  So what’s a carless person to do?  Taking the bus may be the best current option.  Here is the BT Interurban website to guide you through the process.   There is WiFi on the bus system for laptop use in route and bicycle racks to carry your transportation to the next destination.  Bus tickets are available at HEB grocery store locations in San Marcos, New Braunfels and Kyle.  The two bus routes run along IH 35 between Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas with stops in San Marcos, Texas in Hays County.  For more information about bus and other transportation options in San Marcos see the CARTS or Capital Area Rural Transporation System website.  For information on Bicycle Transportation in San Marcos see the Texas State University website section on bicycling.  In San Antonio the bus service connects with San Antonio’s Via bus system.  In Austin stops are tied to existing Capital Metro bus system locations which extend as far north as the Leander Station Park-n-Ride in Leander’s TOD with Express Bus Service.  For more on the Long-Range Transit Plan for the Austin area see Capital Metro’s All Systems Go site.  The CapMetro site also has information on the Regional Commuter Rail project for the Austin-San Antonio Intermunicipal Rail District.  For more information on the San Antonio area’s Alamo Regional Transit check the Alamo Area Council of Goverments web site.

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  1. At first I thought this was a bargain. Let’s back up and do some math. I drive a Ford F150 from New Braunfels to South Austin.

    45 miles one way.

    17 mpg = 2.65 gallons one way

    $2.45 (current gas price) x 2.65 = $6.50

    $6.50 x 2 = 13.00 round trip


    AM ticket from NB to San Marcos – $3.00
    AM ticket from SM to Austin – $6.00
    PM ticket from Austin to SM – $6.00
    PM ticket from SM to NB – $3.00

    $18.00 round trip

    Assuming this month is 23 working days, we arrive at:

    $299 if I drive this month and $414 to ride the bus

    I’m not hoping it will, but gas would have to go back up over 3.50 / gal for me to consider this option.

  2. @Garrett
    You make a very good argument provided that your F-150 is paid for…however, if you add in a monthly car payment, insurance, and maintenance – it’s pretty obvious what the better deal is. Also, I’m pretty sure your able to purchase a monthly pass for only $30, but that may just be for within NB. Finally, let’s not forget your carbon footprint. 🙂

  3. gas prices would steadily go up and the supply dwindle and the saudis like to increase their profit margin”-.

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