Green Funeral Home to Open in Leander Texas

I know funerals, funeral homes & death are a taboo subject for many, including my husband. So, if taboo for you too, then move on to another article. Me, I am interested in anything that professes to be “green” or “eco-friendly” even if it is a funeral home.  And funeral homes and dying do not bother me particularly, they are a fact of life. That being said, I’ve see this piece reported now twice and wanted to research it a little myself. Leander has no funeral home now, so Wrench Funeral & Cremation Services will be the first. Even the fact that this business professes to be green appears good but I want to know more, to see if this is mere greenwashing or truly has green features, is a geen service. The Austin American-Statesman ran an article entitled “Leander’s first funeral home to be ecofriendly” Thursday, May 7th, 2009.  The article stated that the funeral home will “offer environmentally friendly options, including green burials”.  I am curious about what that means.  The Statesman also reported that the building will be built from energy efficient materials yet did not report what those will be.  The Austin Business Journal, in an article entitled “Dying to go green” said they will offer green burials & environmentally friendly products.   Paul Wrench, the owner has a position as chairman on the Green Initiative Task Force of the Texas Funeral Directors Association.

In my research I found a site on home funerals.  It reiterated the point that home funerals, like home births had gone by the wayside but are green, legal & now making a comeback.

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