Kids N K9’s is a Great Program for Pets and Teens

I attended the Williamson County Kids N K9’s Graduation last night at the Williamson County Academy in Georgetown,Texas. It was a wonderful program! Each teen spoke to the crowd about what they learned from the Kids-N-K9s Program and then demonstrated their dog’s newly learned skill set. In addition to the usual sit, lay down and stay, the Kids-N-K9s dogs demostrated weaving through the legs of the teens, crawling, bowing, going through a tunnel and waving. The Williamson County cities of Hutto, Leander, Cedar Park and Round Rock partner with the WILCO shelter- so my taxes as a resident of Leander help pay for both the shelter facilities and the programs there. Unfortunately, the WILCO shelter is a “kill” shelter at this time. When the population gets too much over capacity, some unfortunate animals are euthanized. The Kids N K9’s dogs will never be euthanized because of the training they receive by teens at the Williamson County Academy. This program helps the WILCO Academy teens to learn many skills such as dog handling and training as well as patience and tolerance.

I met Homer – the black lab in the Kids N K9’s You Tube video above. His new family was at the graduation too. He is going to live in Pflugerville.

Do any pet owners know of any other great PET resources and programs that you like so I can share them with the public? Pets can be a great addition to the Texas Organic Home.

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