NEW Terra Burger Restaurant in Austin, Texas

A new natural & organic restaurant opened recently in Austin, Texas called Terra Burger.

With 2 Austin locations, Terraburger allows you to get healthier choices in fast, convenient food.  I visited the location at 10611 Research Boulevard (aka 183) on the northbound access road in between Great Hills Trail and W. Braker Lane near Costco. They have a drive thru as well as eat-in and outside play area replete with a water spray fountain for the kids to cool off in.

Terra Burger uses 100% Recycled Earth Wise napkins as well as a full organic foods and beverage menu. The day I tried it I ordered a Terra Burger with a white cheese, 1 regular sweet potato fries, 1 large size cream soda as a combo for $11.26. This meal was enough for 2 people or 2 meals.

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  1. Austin continues to grow! We need more healthy places to eat and the New Terra Burger sounds great. It would be good to drive to the restaurant and see how many calorie are in a burger and see what the protein content is. I love eating healthy and if this place has other selections that are healthy choices…it will be my new hang-out.

    Thanks Betty for the heads-up!

  2. I think it’s important for people to discern between organic and “healthy” – they were the saltiest fries I’d ever had and it’s still a burger and fries – so go for the fact it’s organic but don’t let the concept of organic make you feel like magically it’s less calories and less fat.

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