Simple Composting

Many make composting seem like rocket science. It’s just not that hard!! My grandma, at her home at 608 Texas Avenue in Austin, TX, composted in a box around her fig tree. Nothing fancy, she just thew her coffee grounds, egg shells, etc. in there. I am about the same. I;’ve never had a fancy compost, just a pile or a 3 or 4 sided bin. That’s it. You can compost in a small area or large, doesn’t matter- just get started. Take all vegetable peelings, leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit rinds & cores and put them on the ground, in a bin or a fancy “composter”, add a little dirt, stir and “voila!”- YOU are composting! That’s it! You’re there! You have arrived!! The dirt is the innoculant- like eating yoghurt for us. The dirt’s full a’ good bugs! It gets the digestion of the organic matter started. Soon, your veggie scraps, leaves, etc. will turn into soil. A healthy pile will also get earthworms crawlin’ through it adding worm castings as well as helping to break stuff down into dirt. You have just created a life giving organic gardening product. Use it to enrich your soil.

3 thoughts on “Simple Composting

  1. i would have to say that organic gardening is a good way to spend your time and also it can keep you healthy.**`

  2. Finlay Richardson says:

    Organic gardening should be a great way to spend your time and get some fresh vegetables.;*~

  3. Everyone should compost. You make it sound so simple and it is! A great way to give back to the earth what is produced from it. Composting daily :0)

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