Texas Solar and Wind Property Tax Exemption

Texas has been at the fore-front of renewable energy for over thirty years. Way back in 1978, Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment to exempt solar power and wind turbine equipment from property taxes.

Solar and Wind PowerGenerally speaking, when you hire someone to install solar panels or a wind turbine, they will request a permit from your local government. This will trigger a new property appraisal. If the solar panels cost $20,000 your property appraisal may go up by the same amount.

This solar and wind property tax exemption will eliminate that extra property value for tax assessment purposes. This means you will not pay any additional property taxes for installing solar or wind power, but you must file the form between January 1st and April 30 to avoid the additional taxes.

Here’s the Solar and Wind Powered Devices Exemption application, also known as Form 50-123: https://www.comptroller.texas.gov/forms/50-123.pdf Fill it out and send it to your local county tax appraisal district before April 30. Do not send it to the State of Texas or the Comptroller.