Transit Oriented Development in Leander Texas

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Leander, Texas had an Open House Saturday February 7th 2009 at the new  Capital MetroRail Leander Station.  The new Swiss train was there as well as CapMetro staff to educate attendees on the new commuter rail service into Austin, Texas.  The first of several Open Houses Capital Metro is holding, this was a well attended event.  The Austin Steam Train came by during the Open House & seeing the 2 trains side-by-side was like the old ushering in the newest technology of 2009.


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  1. I forgot to say that the new rail will start officially running on its commute to Austin from Leander, picking up the public March 30th, 2009!

  2. This is a real asset to our area here in Leander. I am expecting many people to relocate to Leander, if for no other reason but this,even though you and I know there are many other reasons.

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