Buying a Texas Organic Home

Did you know that there are EEMs or Energy Efficient Mortgages? THese are also known as GREEN Mortgages.  An EEM or GREEN MOrtgage is a home loan that gives you extra money because the property you are buying is very energy efficient, thereby saving you money on utilities and allowing you to purchase more house.  Please contact me for more information.  I’d love to help you buy a GREEN home and there are many, many GREEN homes, GREEN builders & GREEN architects in the Austin, Texas area!

2 thoughts on “Buying a Texas Organic Home

  1. I have been working with several others to bring EEMs to Idaho along with LEMs (Location Efficient Mortgages) which let you borrow more depending on your commute and the walkability of your new neighborhood. Any suggestions or resources you know of that might make our challenge easier? Can you tell me which banks/lending institutions in your area are offering these products?

  2. Can not offer any advice on EEMs or LEMs, but if you can not get financing to buy an organic home, there is so much you can do to make your home greener and more organic. When remodeling your home, search out organinc, environmentally material. The market is so large and vast now, that there is really no excuse for not using material that is conducive to making your home a better place to live. Planting plants that are native to your area and especially in Texas (lived there for nearly 35 years)will survive with less water or protect your home from damage. There are also lots of environmental grants available to help you make GREEN choices.
    I am just learning more about EEMs and came across this site. Like Kermit always says “IT ISNT EASY BEING GREEN!”

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