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Saving Energy

Paper Recycling in Leander

I recycle my household and home office paper at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Leander. The Abitibi program from the Paper Retriever donates money to the local schools or nonprofit organizations who host their containers. Click Here to see a paper recycling bin near you. Stretchy plastic film and plastic bags can be recycled in

Lessons in Thermal Mass and Great Insulation

4379 W US Hwy 290 Fredericksburg TX thermal mass window ledge

I think it is easier for one to learn a lesson by actually feeling it, experiencing it with their own body and mind. Such is the case with thermal mass. I first learned about thermal mass in the Texas Hill Country near Austin, Texas. I believe it was at Lyndon Baines Johnson’s boyhood home in Johnson City,

Renewable Energy Roundup Coming Soon

The annual Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair is coming up. Put on by the Texas Solar Energy Society, the Fair is now in it’s 11th year and coming to historic Fredericksburg, Texas September 24th through September 26th, 2010. I go every year and am never there enough time. There is always so much to see, do and learn for people of all ages. Children 12 and under are FREE. Tickets are $10.00 to $12.00 and available at the gate. There are so many booths set up to learn about so much.

Buying a Texas Organic Home

Did you know that there are EEMs or Energy Efficient Mortgages? THese are also known as GREEN Mortgages.  An EEM or GREEN MOrtgage is a home loan that gives you extra money because the property you are buying is very energy efficient, thereby saving you money on utilities and allowing you to purchase more house. 

The Need for Clean Air in Our Homes

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association  problems with the air inside a home may cause the home’s occupants to have issues with both comfort and health even causing Sick Building Syndrome (see the US EPA site ).  One friend of mine said that she had to rethink things when she was diagnosed with allergies and chemical

New Austin Texas Energy Audit

The new Austin Energy Audit in Austin, Texas is getting mixed reviews. I personally think that the ROI or Return on Investment can be great with energy efficiency improvements and I think an energy audit can be a great starting point for needed information on where and how your home is losing energy.