The Need for Clean Air in Our Homes

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association  problems with the air inside a home may cause the home’s occupants to have issues with both comfort and health even causing Sick Building Syndrome (see the US EPA site ).  One friend of mine said that she had to rethink things when she was diagnosed with allergies and chemical sensitivities.  She says that she almost died from problems associated with bad air, mold & chemicals in a house, so now she is very cautious.  Indeed, Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is more important than most people realize.  Energy Efficient homes need to have a tight “envelope” being tightly insulated & sealed resulting in less air exchanges but at the same time need to have good Indoor Air Quality.  Sometimes whole house HEPA filters and whole house dehumidifiers are used to help with IAQ.  Materials used in construction, furnishings and accessories in the home are also contributing factors to the quality of air inside the home.  The American Lung Association has a lot of information on their website about Indoor Air Quality including information on Indoor Air Pollutants such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.  They include Tips on Creating a Healthier Home for Children and on Controlling Asthma Triggers.   The American Lung Association of Washington discusses major indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds or VOC’s & others & encourages home occupants to use less toxic products for pest control both inside and out.


Betty Saenz is a REALTOR and a Certified EcoBroker, not an MD.  For any medical issues see a health practitioner of your choice.  For further information on Indoor Air Quality follow the links above.  Betty understands the issues of IAQ and will help you find or build a home that provides comfort and a healthier environment (reducing carbon footprint).

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  1. Not many are aware of the benefits of having plants indoors. Many find placing plants inside as another added chore which is true but considering the good and health effects they could bring, it is worth the effort.

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