Hybrid Cars: Honda Insight and Toyota Prius

The extremely fuel efficient Honda Insight will reappear after a several year absence in the United States new car linups.  Already having booming sales in Japan, the new 60 mpg+ Insight will be on sale in Europe in March and in the US in April 22, 2009- Earth Day.   The new Insight will be a 5 passenger, 5 door hatchback.  The dash will include an EcoGuide to analyze driving history so hypermiling drivers can get the very best milage possible.  The most efficient drivers will be rewarded with 5 green leaves on the display.  There are a few old model original Insights still driving around Austin & Leander and on the internet for sale.

The highly popular Toyota Prius is also being revamped with a bigger, more powerful engine for its new introduction in May.  Slightly different interior and exterior dimensions may be the final factor in determining which of these 2 hybrid cars  you buy.

4 thoughts on “Hybrid Cars: Honda Insight and Toyota Prius

  1. The new Insight was released early. I went to go see the new Insight in Round Rock a few weeks ago and was dissappointed in the gas milage.

  2. Morgan Parker says:

    hybrid cars are energy efficient compared to diesel or gas powered cars.,-,

  3. i like hybrid cars because they are more energy efficient compared to petrol engines.*:

  4. hybrid cars would be the best thing because they are less polluting to the environment ~~”

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