My Front Yard Organic Grocery Store

Leander TX Peaches

Sweet Red Peaches

I just love my front yard organic grocery store. I enjoy picking my own fruits of my own labor knowing they were produced without being sprayed by some harmful chemical and my fruit is not waxed or picked green to gas ripen after shipping in some cold gas chamber. Geez! What has happened to our food supply?! One has to only watch “Super Size Me” and “Food Inc” to understand our dilemma in the United States. That is why I am so happy to grow some of my own. Gardening in Central Texas is not hard. I am no rocket scientist and I manage easily enough. It’s easy to grow some of your own food.

Leander TX Peaches

Nature's Bounty

I started my 2010 year with the sweetest, tastiest most melt in your mouth apricots!!! Picking fruit is easy! Next it was the reddest, juiciest, sweetest large red-skinned freestone peaches and also blackberries. For 4th of July we had homemade peach ice cream out of our old White Mountain ice cream freezer. Then on to sweet little figs! Getting a second fig crop now. Yum! I always share some fruit with the birds who visit my National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat yard. Currently it is a great apple harvest. Delightful juicy sweet and slightly tart green apples. The tree was bowing down it is so laden with fruit!! Fresh apple pies baked from scratch this weekend!! Next will be pomegranites. And I always have plenty of herbs – two kinds of oregano, mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, lemon grass, dill, basil and more… 

Leander Texas Peaches

Luscious Peaches

Next year I bet my nectarine and plums will come into full bloom and subsequent production!! I have some papaya and citrus trees too. And guess what?? I am raising catfish and crappie in my backyard pond. All this organic produce and food on a 60′ cty lot in Leander, Texas, Williamson County. Yippee!!! 

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7 thoughts on “My Front Yard Organic Grocery Store

  1. Deborah K. Coley says:

    This is awesome, Betty!

  2. It was a great year for the gardens. We are still getting a few tomatoes, bell peppers and pears.We are waiting for winter produce. We have a tangerine tree and they are almost ready to pick. Austin weather allows for a longer growing season most years.

  3. This really inspires me to start gardening again! Moving here from Washington State has been a big adjustment gardening wise and it’s wonderful to hear that I can be productive in the garden in Texas!

  4. Let me know if you need any help Shelley!

  5. And there’s always a greenhouse or cold frame for those few really cold days.

  6. Hi!
    I saw on your post that you talked about having papaya trees. I have some papayas growing in pots that i started in maybe May or June (can’t remember exactly) that I am planning on planting out in April to try for a crop next summer/fall. I’m wondering what you do for your papayas, whether you get any yield and whatnot. Any tips?

  7. I have not grown any to fruiting maturity yet here but I have 3 plants inside my home and in my greenhouse that I plan to set out in Aoril as well. They actually came up in my compost because I throw papaya seeds in there. I am watering them with my pond water with a little Medina Hasta Gro in it. I love papayas and all tropical fruits. On my list now to is to plant a persimmon. They do well in the Austin area too. I have so many fruit trees on my 60 front feet lot now but I can squeeze one more in. Oh, and then the papayas in spring! LOL

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