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Commuter Bus from Austin to San Antonio

 what’s a carless person to do? Taking the bus may be the best current option. Here is the BT Interurban website to guide you through the process. There is WiFi on the bus system for laptop use in route and bicycle racks to carry your transportation to the next destination. Bus tickets are available at HEB grocery storelocations in San Marcos, New Braunfels and Kyle. The two bus routes run along IH 35 between Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas with stops in San Marcos, Texas in Hays County. Continue reading →

Net Zero: What Does That Term Mean?

 Sometimes new green jargon is a lot for the newly green to feel comfortable with. Net zero is a term with many definitions but all run in a similar vein. In a nutshell, net zero means no overall energy consumption or “net zero” and zero annual carbon emissions. In other words, even though some energy is used, the energy is from renewable energy sources and no energy is purchased from the grid or external energy producers because the home produces as much energy as it consumes. Continue reading →

The Need for Clean Air in Our Homes

 According to the Indoor Air Quality Association  problems with the air inside a home may cause the home’s occupants to have issues with both comfort and health even causing Sick Building Syndrome (see the US EPA site ).  One friend of mine said that she had to rethink things when she was diagnosed with allergies and chemical […] Continue reading →

New Austin Texas Energy Audit

 The new Austin Energy Audit in Austin, Texas is getting mixed reviews. I personally think that the ROI or Return on Investment can be great with energy efficiency improvements and I think an energy audit can be a great starting point for needed information on where and how your home is losing energy. Continue reading →